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Does a refresher course help?
You're preparing to take one of the ASQ Certification exams and you ask yourself, "do I need to take a refresher course?"  The answer is, NO.  We would like to tell you otherwise, since we provide the service, but it is not necessary, you can achieve certification without a course.  A  preparation course will help you and save you a great deal of time.  People choose to participate in a preparation course for the same reason that consultants are hired, to expedite the process and get maximum efficiency from their time.

A good refresher course will provide you with the road map of material to study and be an ongoing resource for questions you have.  It's no different than learning to do anything else, you can read it on your own or you can have someone show you.  The best method is for someone to show you.  Having someone show you is the quickest, it's not the cheapest, but it is the quickest and most effective. 

The effectiveness in learning through being taught is substantiated by principles learned through lecture, solidified through practical application and the level of understanding is monitored by testing and evaluation.  A refresher course provides you the opportunity to learn the principles and concepts, apply them and have a feedback loop in place such that the teacher knows you are progressing as planned.  This system takes that pressure from you and allows you to focus on learning the material.

If you pass an ASQ Certification exam on your own or with the help of a refresher course, does it mean anything?  No.  It's no different than utilizing a tutor for a college class.  The goal is to learn and demonstrate the ability to apply the material, once that is mastered the avenue chosen to get there is not relevant. 

Is a refresher course the right fit for you?  If you are fairly comfortable with the material and you don't have restrictions on time resources, then a refresher course may not be your best choice.  You can choose you learn the material on your own and you can be successful.  However, if you are a bit uncertain with the material and your time resources are restricted, a refresher course would probably be in your best interest.  A refresher course can leverage your time and knowledge through someone who has the expertise and knowledge you seek.

Whichever method you decide to utilize in your endeavor to become ASQ Certified, we wish you the best of luck and commend you on your decision.