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ASQ Certification-Certified Quality Auditor-CQA Training


With the new computer based testing ASQ has implemented, you can take the CQA exam on the following dates:

December 1 – 17,   2016

February    3 – 19,   2017

April           7 – 23,   2017

June           2 – 18,   2017

August       4 – 20,   2017

October      6 – 22,   2017

December  1 – 17,   2017

Our live classes begin in the first week of October and the first week of April.  You also have the option of viewing our recorded sessions.  The best option to prepare is when you purchase the live class if it is prior to the class starting, you can access the recorded sessions to view and study and then when the live classes begin you are better prepared to absorb the material presented.  This method provides you the best option for passing the exam.

We offer a wide range of class times to accommodate a variety of schedules. Let us know your constraints and we can fit a Certified Quality Auditor CQA class time to meet the needs of your schedule.  The classes offer a mixture of lecture, breakout sessions and quizzes. The training is conducted in an online classroom environment, with a high level of interactivity between students and instructor.  You will have access to the instructor outside of normal class times via email and phone to get your questions answered.  We may also include some additional class time, as the need exists to review material or answer questions.

Part of our curriculum involves extensive testing and quizzing to provide feedback to you for what areas to work on and to allow the instructor to monitor your progress. The material covered in our course is based on the body of knowledge for the Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) established by ASQ (American Society for Quality).   

Sign up for a free demonstration of the Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) training and experience how the Virtual Classroom Technology (VCT) can position you to pass the ASQ Certification exam.  Review the testamonials of previous students to see how the training helped them.

Hints for the ASQ Certification Certified Quality Auditor Exam
Ensure you understand the four phases of the audit, (1) preparation, (2) performance, (3) Reporting and (4) Follow up.  You need to know what occurs in each phase and what is the output and activities of each phase.  You need to also understand the types of audits, product, process and system,  If the question is worded "An audit of a supplier....", this does not specify a particular audit, do not assume it is a system.

Cost of the Certified Quality Auditor - CQA Exam Preparation Course

      $660.00    This includes all materials, access to the live, online classes, unlimited access to the archived 
                         classes and access to the instructor outside of class time.
      $450.00    This includes none of the materials and unlimited access to the archived classes.

Certified Quality Auditor - CQA Exam Preparation Course Syllabus: 

      Class 1    Auditing Fundamentals 
      Class 2    Audit Process
      Class 3    Audit Process 
      Class 4    Auditor Competencies 
      Class 5    Auditor Program and Applications 
      Class 6    Quality Tools and Techniques
      Class 7    Quality Tools and Techniques
      Class 8    Review and Case Studies
      Class 9    Review
                     Additional Classes based on needs of the participants.

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